When you play one-on-one against other players or CPU simulated teams, you see that some of them have a lot of 99 rated legendary player. These players give motivational bonuses to other teammates and really improve the team. A team with players that give +5 defense, +5 shooting, +5 3-pointers and +5 speed is hard to play against, but fun to play with. How to get 99 rated legendary players in NBA Live Mobile?

Legendary Tokens

Completing a set for a 99 rated player is the most grinding way to get them. It is not the easiest way, but we find it one of the most rewarding of them all. You have to get legendary tokens, 10 of them, to complete a set and get for example: 99 rated Ming. We always say Ming=Cheat in the 2way setup. Get them if you can!

Getting 10 tokens can be done by completing a lot of different sets. For example you can get a token for 250 golden players, 5 players that are rated 96 or even trading in 1 player that is 99.

Completing Live events

Okay, this is not a 99 rated player, but 98 is good too. At the moment you can get a 98 rated Paul Pierce that gives a lot of motivational bonuses to other players in your team and can fast-shoot in 3point range. All you have to do is play the live event and win every goal in that event. The player is free! Because it is free you can pick Pierce up in the market for a little over 100k. Easy.

Buying cheap NBA Live mobile coins

You can also decide to buy a few buck’s worth of coins. For under 10 dollar you can buy multiple 99 rated players on the auction. You can look at the sellers listed on our homepage.        

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