NBA Live Mobile is a highly addicting game that requires not that much of work to get the hang of it. One of the crucial parts in the game is called competition. This is not the season play that you do on your own. In the competition you can play against other players that are grouped by competition. Every day there is a new competitions starting in the game. To get a good team for competing in NBA Live Mobile competitions you can grind coins, buy points or simply spend a few bucks and buy cheap NBA Live mobile coins. In this article we will explain how the competitions work.

Joining a competition

It can be a bit hard to find a competition to join. It takes us between 1 minute and a few days to get in a NBA Live competition we want to join. If you open the tab, you will see some of them popping up. These ones are most of the times full. Only 32 players can join 1 team. Try to play around with the filters and find one that is close to your overall, amount of fans and skill. You have to send a request and have to wait after that. You can send 5 requests at the same time. You can also start your own competition and wait for other people that want to join you.

Playing matches and rewards

Every 24 hours you will get a special goal that requires you to do something in the NBA Live Mobile competition mode. When you are in a competition, you can play tournaments against others. The players in your competition must play against others. You can play 3 quarters against the other teams. You can choose against what teams and what setup you like to play. The teams that score the most points overall will win the game and get fun rewards, xp and fans.

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