If you have just installed NBA Live mobile on your Android, Window or iOS mobile phone or tablet, the ‘sets’ tab in the menu can be overwhelming. You see a lot of pictures, trophies, players, sets and requirements popping up. Most of the items you see you have not seen before. Do not worry, It looks a bit much and over the top, but it can be really easy.

Do not complete all the sets at the same time

Some sets only require 1 card, some over 1000. Do not try to complete them all at the same time. It is not possible for a casual or even a pro player. Focus on the ones you want to complete first and check the requirements. You can even write them down. In the live events tab you can see the rewards for every goal. Play only the ones that you want to complete a set in.

It gets better after a while

At first you may be a bit frightened to spend your cards for sets. Once you play the game a lot, you will see that completing sets is fairly easy and goes naturally after a while. When you get the rewards from the packs, you can click on the card to put it in the right set you want. Some of the sets are not going that fast. 99 rated players require 10 legendary tokens for example. Those are not easy to come by. Check our homepage for the best vendors and buy millions of NBA Live Mobile coins for a few bucks or euro’s. It is easier than grinding for months.

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